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This website is dedicated to upgrades and support for current WAVEWIN Bitronics customers.
Access to the Upgrades page requires the username and password provided to you by Bitronics.

For more information on WAVEWIN's event file manager and analysis visit
To learn more about Bitronics products visit

Click on the Upgrades Button To Download the Latest Version of the Advanced Analysis Wavewin Bitronics Comtrade Viewer.
A Username & Password is required for the Upgrades page.
Click on the Analysis Buttons to Download the Latest Advanced Analysis Evaluation Version of the Wavewin Bitronics Comtrade Viewer.
The Software will need to be Activated to allow for unlimited access past 30 runs.
Click on the Collection Buttons to Download and Request to Purchase the Latest Wavewin Bitronics Data Collection Software.

Wavewin Bitronics Viewer Upgrade        Wavewin Bitronics Viewer Evaluation        Wavewin Bitronics Collection Evalution

Wavewin Bitronics Viewer Upgrade: H.L  -  Date Made Available: May 29th, 2018
Wavewin Bitronics Viewer (Evaluation): H.L  -  Date Made Available: May 29th, 2018
Wavewin Bitronics Collection (Evaluation): H.L  -  Date Made Available: May 29th, 2018

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